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Our Programs

Letter Blocks


-Mark Van Doren-


We allow our students to openly explore many different elements of art. The focus is on process over product, allowing students to express their creativity freely through their creations.

Language & Literacy

In order to nourish our student's imaginations and encourage a love for reading, we introduce our students to many types of literature daily. Through books, songs, story boards, puppets, and rhymes, children are able to make connections to language and literacy in manners that promotes learning. Letter recognition, and writing practice is at the heart of everyday curriculum. We use a multitude of teaching strategies each student may have individualized learning experiences.


Preschools provide opportunities where a child can meet their peers and new friendships blossom. Teachers at Mentor Co-Op encourage positive interactions, respect for others, and positive self expression. Students engage in team building activities and have endless opportunities to build social skill together.

Science & Mathematics

Students are provided opportunities to learn about the world around them, through hands on experiments, manipulation of different materials, critical thinking activities, and guided exploration. Mathematical curriculum is weaved into all aspects of our school day; highlighting number sense, problem solving, shape identification, scientific relationships, and counting.

Motor Functions

Children learn best by being active in their learning experiences and having freedom of expression. At Mentor Co-Operative, students use their motor functions through dancing, expressive movement, games, group exercises, relay races, and free choice time in our indoor gym. We also provide wind down time through yoga and mindfulness sessions.

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